3 Steps to Make You a Great Leader

Great leadership means using your strengths and influence in a positive and worthwhile way to change a situation for the better.

Everyday your thoughts, feelings, attitude, and actions influence those around you. As such, it is important you influence your peers and other adults in a positive way.

What can you do today to put yourself in the position to lead others?

Here are 3 POWERFUL steps you can include in your daily life to become a positive and effective leader.

1. Take responsibility for your actions:

Not all of your actions are good ones. Not all of your choices and decisions are something to be proud of. That’s not the point. The real point is when you take responsibility for what you do, you gain control over your life and you learn about what went wrong. Accepting responsibility for your actions sets a good example to others and can leave you with great lessons learned.

2. Be proactive:

Stop sitting and waiting around for your big break or for luck to come your way. Luck will never come your way unless you are willing to meet it half way. Make a commitment to try new things and see where that takes you. Be open-minded!

3. Engage in positive actions:

Just do what’s right! If you see something wrong in your school or environment, take steps to fix it (e.g., Too much garbage lying around? No problem! Form a group and start cleaning up. It’s as simple as that!). Sometimes, however, it can be hard to do the responsible thing when there are better activities awaiting you (e.g., your favourite TV show, hanging out with friends). Some decisions are harder than others, but do what will make you feel less guilty, less stressed, and less bad.

Taking these 3 steps will put you in a position to lead others. Commitment to these steps will also lead to a TON of other good changes in your life.

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