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Fashion: How To Be A Teenager With A Difference

Many of us wants to look trendy, nice clothes, shoes, wristwatches to mention a few but at what expense. Some just want to get that special fashion item that a celebrity wore at all cost.

Out of my curiosity about what fashion really entail I decided to check out what it really means. Fashion can be said to be a popular style especially in clothing, footwear,life style, accessories, makeup hair style and body. Also fashion is a distinctive and often constant trend in style in which people present themselves.It is a prevailing style during a particular period of time.

Worthy of note is the fact that fashion evolves, it’s never stagnant or rigid. For you to be fashionable you must be able to adapt to change. Today’s fashion has grown from bad to worse because what the world’s view of fashion today is absolute nudity.

Many youngsters as been made to believe the lie that they can’t be fashionable without exposing their body. This is what has been painted by the society we live in through the social media, music videos, films and also Tv programs we watch.

Reasons why teens want to be fashionable varies from wanting to be accepted by their group of friends or society, to be attractive to the opposite sex and for some a means of rebellion towards their parents e.t.c

Clothing is one basic fashion item that we all can’t do without either going to the market,our work place, school or that special owanbe party.

The main essence of clothing is to cover our nakedness. As seen in the book of Genesis, when Adam and Eve noticed that they were naked they sourced for a means to cover their nakedness and from then the human race has been doing likewise. But gradually clothing has lost its value.

As christains,we must come to the understanding that we do not own our body, it is a  gift from God. The Bible in the book of 1 Cor 6:19-20 says

  “don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the holy Spirit,who lives in you and was    given to you by God ? You do not belong to yourself for God bought you with a high price.So you must honor God with your body”

Our fashion sense should depict Christ and bring honor to God and not the other way around,we must shine as light in the midst of the darkness reigning in this perverse world.

In conclusion, I believe we can be fashionable and at the same time still bring glory to God. Just because the world has painted somethings to be ‘normal’ does not mean they are, let’s dare to be different.

Written by: Victoria Daodu(Vikky D)

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