The Valentine Fever

Love is in the air!

Just like yesterday, back in the days as a teenager in Senior Secondary School.

VAL’s day was spectacularly exciting. The female hostel corridors was always filled with eavesdrop, screams, shouts, gossips of who got valentine gift and what the gift was?

Oh yeah! He got her a Valentine card, Eoooow!

The card is singing I love you song. Oh!

He got her flowers, oh here! Body spray, oh yeah!

There is a ring in the cake!

Now I remember and laugh so hard, how I wish we knew and understood what love is…..

And here we are in the spirit of Valentine again, some teen girls are thinking Oh, when will a guy present a gift to me…..iru ori wo le mi ni bayii….when will someone gift me a card too…

Like a lawyer will say….that I put it to you that Love is Patient and you are Far more than Rubies…be joyous in the spirit of Valentine on how you can show your love appropriately, to the less privileged, forgiving all those who have wronged you ( looking at Jesus the perfect example of love).

And for the young guys who are trying to buy girls over because you think your gifts maketh way for you this season, I bet that you will only get the very cheap ones, especially when you aren’t patient enough.
I know someone wants to ask what PATIENCE is all about.
– Be Patient because God has instructed you to (1 Corinthians 13:4)
– Be Patient till the right time because TRUE Love WAITS.
– Be Patient until you are fully matured (spiritually, financially, mentally and emotionally)
– Be Patient because TRUE love is Expensive (and it is beyond the gifts, cards, cakes, perfumes etc.)

In this season, I admonish you to be PATIENT, and let patient work out the PERFECT work in you.


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