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God laid it on my heart this morning to ask myself what exactly I was seeing.
I began to ask myself and digged into what God wanted me to see and know for this season.
I found out that all information consumed by my mind is usually through my five senses, and the eyes is one of the five senses that works with my mind.
The eyes give sight and vision. The bible says in Matthew 6:22; that the light of the body is the eyes… then and there, I realised that whatever I needed to flow through my mind , I needed to see and envision through my inner eyes.
My inner eyes is basically what I call ‘the eyes of my spirit ‘ .
The bible also says in Prov 23:7 that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he…hence, it is important that I have the right vision of whom and whose exactly I am, to make the right thinking, as what I have seen through my inner eyes drills down to my mind, where the thinking takes place to becoming the best of me.
My question to you today is what are you seeing through your inner eyes?

It is in seeing that thinking, knowing and being materializes. Begin to see a new you.

I want you to confess this:
I begin to see through my inner eyes
I begin to see possibilities around me
My vision and sight is not blurred
I see new visions
My perspective is changing
I see a new me, hence I am a new person, a new nation in the mighty name of Jesus.
God bless you for taking time to read.

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