#LoveChallenge; Genuine Love by Oracle

Lade (a young girl of 15) is seen crying in her bedroom, nobody seems to understand and love her she thinks, as she continues to sob, infact at age 15 she thinks she is even tired of this word, how I wish I could die, she shouted. She was sure no one could hear her, cause the maids hardly come to her side of the house else to inform her when the food his ready or on emangencies.

Lade is the only child of Mr and Mrs Smith, her dad is a well known wealthy man in Lagos state, infact he works presently as one of the SAs (special advisor) to the governor of Lagos state. While her mom is  the assistant general manager of GTbank. They live in a 9 bedroom apartment in lekki Lagos state, with a cook, 2 maids, a gateman, a Gardner and 2 drivers. These are all living in the boys quarter which is separated from the main building. Lade had everything she ever wanted except love.

At age 15 she already had a car of her own with a driver to take her anywhere she wants. She had nothing less than #200,000 in each of her accounts to buy anything she wants. But like the popular adage says, “one bad tooth spoils the beauty of the mouth” . The bad tooth that spoils that of Lade is love, she believes she has never been genuinely loved before. Being the only child of her parent, she did not have any sibillings which she blamed on her parent.

Lade’s dad due to the nature of his work only comes home twices in 6month to spend the weekend with his family and Lade’s mom who works 6days in a week at all times and who sometimes even go to work on Sundays, always leave for work as early as 6am in the morning, and does not come back until 9pm. They both think they are trying to secure a good future for their daughter, but if they were to hear her own side of the story, she would have wished they remain jobless and have time for her,  than live in this hell they call home.

The only person she thought who loved her was James her exboyfriend whom she found in the the female’s toilet making out with her supposedly closest friend “Bimpe” and they even referred to her has spoilt brat who thinks she can use money to buy anything and everything she wants. This is the reason why she is crying.

She can still remember last session when James was making passes at her and how he came boldly one faithful afternoon during break to ask her out. Yes she could not deny it, James was handsome and very brilliant infact he has always topped thier class since junior grade and she was sure every girl in their class wished they would have his broad shoulder to lean on. Well all except Julian who is regarded has the SU of the class. Ohhh Julian the girl who has always been disturbing her about religion, Lade did not grow up seeing her dad or mom go church except on new year eve and this she know is just to fulfill all righteousness, perhaps she should call Julian, cause she really needs to talk to someone badly and of course her dad and mom are too busy to notice. She picked up her phone and dialed Julians number, after two rings Julian answered the phone and spoke with the ever present vibe thats always in her voice, this alone reduced the grief in her heart to some extent. After a little discussion Julian decided to come immediately.

On getting to Lade’s room, she found everywhere scattered with Lade’s eyes swollen and red like that of a man with apollo, she must have been crying for hours Julian exclaimed, why didn’t you call me earlier Julian asked with a reassuring tone, all Lade could do was to burst out crying again. Julian went to her to pet her, she got her tissue paper to clean her face, made her wash her face, then went down to get both of them juice and glass cup to soothe Lade’s tongue.

What happened Julian demanded, then Lade told her everything with sobs sandwished between each sentence, when she was finally through, Julian comforted her and asked her if she has told her parent, but Lade told her that they were to busy to have time for her, she asked if she has told her pastor this she replied that they don’t go to church and so they don’t have a pastor. Julian decided to tell her about the genuine love.

Julian asked her if she could tell her about someone whom she knew loves Lade unconditionally, thinking it was another boy that wanted to spend out of her dads money, she reluctantly gave her permission to continue. But to her surprise she saw Julian bring out her pocket bible which she always carry about every where she goes, Julian opened to john 3:16 “for God so loved the world that he gave us his only begotten son and if only we would believe in Him, we will not perish but have everlasting life” and also to Roms 5:8 “God demonstrated His own love towards us in that while we were  yet  sinners (his enemy) he chose to die for us”

This she explained that God so much love her to the extent that while she did not even acknowledge His love, He chose to leave all his glory and came to die for her sins, so that she should be free from the yoke of the devil which brings depression, and opening many other scriptures, she showed her how God promised to be with her irrespective of what she has done or who she is. Lade could not explain it, but she just knew that as Julian was saying those words her soul seems to receive comfort, then she asked Julian, how will I be able to enjoy this love, Julian replied that all she needs to do is to believe that Jesus came to die for her and that she should confess Him as Lord over her life.

Immediately she did this, she felt peace rush through her and she felt very happy infact she could not help smiling. With that, she came to the knowledge that no one can ever love her has much has Jesus loves her and even if no one cares, she is more than sure that Jesus care.

Lade knows she is now a changed girl, she even decided to forgive James for what he had done to her and also to forgive her mom and dad and see if she could talk them into they going for a family vacation the next summer.

Note: love is not measured by how much material things is being exchanged in a relationship but on how much our definition parleys with that of Christ (which is sacrificial). The best val gift that can be given to a person is to save that person from Hell. Do well in this season to preach and win at least one soul for the kingdom.

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Written By Idowu Daniel Oluwaponmile

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