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Lesson 1
“You carry a glory. There’s something deep inside you that
requires a meeting with God’s power in order to be released.
Your potential is awaiting activation. Elisha remains unrealized,
unknown, obscure, and unseen until his meeting with Elijah.”
Lesson 2
“Wait for the real; don’t settle for the phony, the fake, or the
flimflam. Impatience compels us to make some ridiculous
moves. While waiting and plowing and waiting and plowing,
we might see people who appear to “have it all.” They look like
they’ve got the power and prestige. You’re looking at them,
but they are not looking at you. In fact, nothing you do seems
to be able to get their attention. This is not God restricting
you; this is God preserving you. He is protecting you from
falling prey to people who would invariably over-promise and
under-deliver. Trust His divine timing. Wait for Elijah. Don’t go
chasing after every prophet who comes to town. Don’t make
just anyone your mentor. Don’t try to manufacture a meeting
with power, when in fact, the person you think offers exposure
has nothing to offer you”
Lesson 3
“If you don’t have what it takes to stand strong in your new
season, then the very thing that was meant for your blessing, in due season, could harm or even destroy you preseason.
This is why patience cannot be emphasized enough. Elisha did
not find Elijah preseason. That mantle could have killed him
before that divine moment. The responsibility would have
been too much for him. He needed to plow more. He needed to
learn the value of hard work, time management, and discipline.
Elisha was not perfect when Elijah found him, but he was
prepared. He was ready for his moment.”
Written by Feyisayo

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