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Lesson 1*
Purpose did not start and it will not end with me.
 *Action 1*
Before now, I’ve always thought of fulfilling purpose and my view about it was getting rich and being wealthy. Little did I know that fulfilling purpose is more than that. What I now see purpose is doing what God has placed in my hands in a way that the coming generation can fit in and continue.
 *Lesson 2*
Power is looking for people who are ready, faithful, hungry, pressing and persevering.
 *Action 2*
I’ve been involved in a number of trades like photography, programming, baking etc. All these were because I see people doing it and excelling I never knew there was more to it. Due to that, I will abandon them since I don’t see profit from them. But I’ve learnt that the Divine moment meets those that are faithful and consistent with what they are doing now. So I’ll be faithful in what I do to be the potential that power will meet.
 *Lesson 3*
Celebrate what is available rather than settle for what is presently accessible
 *Action 3*
I resolve not to be carried away with my present situation but I look out to everything available that I can become not regarding my background and I work in it.
Written by: Kehinde Adebayo 

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