Purpose & Life


Lesson 1*

The very key to knowing my purpose is discovering and celebrating my personal identity

*Action* :

Since my secondary School days I do allow people to tell me who I am rather than identifying and celebrating myself and often times I do realize that I have to take myself as I am.  This book really tells me that even  my weakness is needed as part of the victuals to fulfill my purpose.

*Lesson 2*

Purpose does not start with me, nor does it ends With me, it is multi-generational


Whatever I have had been freely given to me and it should not end with me. I have to pass it on. (I learnt more of this in Passing it on by Myles Munroe)

*Lesson 3*

I may have noticed slight similarities between myself and others but I am the original. I am the only one and this would be throughout history because I’m unique.

*Action* :

I have realized that whenever I see anything in me that is also in others, I should not feel insecure because I’m the ORIGINAL and I reflect God to others in a way that none could reflect either presently or in years to come

*Lesson 4*

One of the greatest gift I can receive is exposure and exposure doesn’t come by chasing it but by remaining faithful in my present plowing


This book “identity” has taught me a great lesson that no matter to what extent I’m enlightened, Exposure for the next level cannot come to me if I’m not faithful in my current dealings.

*Lesson 5*

Marketing is the stewardship of our service, gift, talent, abilities, product and resources- exposing them to people who will benefit from their use while manipulation is trying to become someone through manufacturing exposure.

*Action* :
This has taught me that all that manipulation will bring is disgrace.
Now that our generation likes to form rather than performing and if there’s a value from manipulating there’s much more value in manufacturing , manifesting and marketing good values.

Written by: Victor Olafimihan