Purpose & Life


Lesson 1:
God does not use me because of me, he uses me in spite of me, which is GRACE.

I now know that I don’t deserve God’s grace, I’m not worthy of it, but still He choose to use me so I’m not going to take His grace for granted by walking with him consistently and listen when He speaks to me.

Lesson 2:
Wait on the maker to fit the whole puzzle and don’t help Him by putting what doesn’t fit in.

I discovered that if I try to fit the whole puzzle myself, seeking help from who I’m not supposed to, going where I ought not to go, trying to play who I’m not… I’m just beating around the bush it won’t work, but I should wait on God, He’s going to save me the stress, he makes all things beautiful in His own time and season

Lesson 3:
Without the power of God, I can do nothing

I now know that God’s power is made available to me, all I need is just to press in by being faithful with all that my hands find to do, being at the right place at the right time

Lesson 4:
As I receive, I should also give

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Written By: Taiwo Adebayo (a.k.a MamaTee)

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