It is very tempting to look back at the year 2020 and feel like there is nothing to be GRATEFUL and THANKFUL for.

However, God’s word to His children is to be thankful and grateful at all times; even in the good and bad.

Also, we all have to look back at past year and intentionally practice gratitude, let’s begin with considering how God has been an ever-present help to us in difficult circumstances.

In writing our GOALS for 2021, It is only a grateful heart that will be set to receive from God…an ungrateful heart shuts out and it will be difficult to hear God’s plan for you this new season.

I am admonishing you to start the new year with a HEART of GRATITUDE today.


Get you jotter, notepad and pen down the following..

God’s ever-present help is like an anchor that keeps us steadfast in tough times.

• Take a few moments today to think about some rough seas, difficult and questioning times you found yourself in this past year?

• Think of the times you almost gave up on life?

• Are you able to recognize God’s divine hand in bringing you out of those situations?

• If No, do you still believe in God’s divine help to see you through?

• Tune to God with a grateful heart now by reading Psalm 118:5-7.

• Share on the group what you learnt and how you felt after this exercise. …

Do have a blessed day….🤗

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