It’s no news that the gym is always full at the start of the year.

However, after the first few weeks, a lot of people quit.

But there are some people who still stick to their plan and fight through.

Which will you be; those who give up at the start or in the middle, or those who stay till they achieve their goals?

Committing to your set goals can affect you positively(or make it worse when you’re not committed)

How do I commit to my goals?

1. You must set your goals.

You cannot commit to what you do not have. You also have to revisit your goals as each day progresses. Have my goals changed? Do I need to allocate more time in this area? etc. Setting goals is not a one off thing, and to make yourself more committed, you need to revisit it on a regular basis.

2. Make yourself accountable to your goals.

Let there be a reward or punishment that accompanies not achieving the goal you have set.

3. Get yourself an accountability partner.

This means having someone, (a partner/ friend/ senior) whom you trust and hold in high esteem that you can be accountable to and make sure you are headed in the same direction.

4. Be self-motivated.

Be motivated such that when things are not going as planned, you still see a reason to commit to your goals. Always celebrate your small wins and victories.

5. Remain disciplined.

It will not always be easy, sometimes you prefer to sleep or watch TV, but then you must be disciplined to stay the course.

How do I manage my time each day?

Plan ahead.

Get yourself a notepad where you’ll note whatever you want to achieve ahead of the next day.

How do I manage distractions?

Always have the bigger picture of your goals at heart so that when distractions come, you will be able to choose your goal in place of that distraction.

What can I do even when I miss out for a while?

Do not beat yourself too much about it. Always remember that you can start and continue at whatever stage you find yourself (although you may arrive at your destination later).

Pick yourself up and reaffirm what you want and go for it.

How do I stay motivated given the limited time available?

One step at a time.  Break your goals to tiny bits.

For illustration, say you want to read 12 books of the bible in a year, how many do I need to read a month, how many a week, how many a day? and commit to it.

In conclusion, if you do not quit when trouble comes, you will definitely win.

Commit to your dreams, commit to your vision. God helps and strengthen you.

By Michael Apata

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