Not everything good is God’s but everything God’s is good.

Setting God-given goals can be likened to matching our desired future with what God wants for us, so letting God take control of all we sincerely desire.

You don’t give God-given goals, God does.

You’ll have God breath into God-given goals.

The world’s standard can’t be our own measure of goals.

How to set God-given goals?

1. Relationship. We can only recognize God goals when we know what pleases Him and what doesn’t.

2. Revelations. After you’ve established your relationship with God, He’ll reveal what He wants for your life.

3. Redirection. Redirection is not a sign of incisiveness, it’s a sign of intentionality to get to the right destination, no matter what it takes. God’s direction becomes your new direction.

4. Review. You have to do a regular review of your God goals with God Himself to know how far you have gone, whether you are doing the right things, and what to quit doing.

This may be monthly, quarterly, biannually, but don’t wait till the timeline of the goal expires before you check how far.

So basically, your working RELATIONSHIP with God will bring REVELATION that will bring REDIRECTION and REVIEW will help you stay on course on the GOD goals.


By Temiloluwa Akinsola

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