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5 Things you should Know About Wisdom As A Teenager

The characteristics of a thing, is it character, what it expresses.

The characteristics of wisdom, is “what wisdom would do”.

Knowing what wisdom would do, would help us know better to make the right choices when found in a point where we have to make a wise choice.

1. Wisdom is pure.

Wisdom is you choosing to be pure when others seems like they’re not.

Wisdom is choosing holy ways when others are not.

Wisdom is you staying true to all that pure means.

2. Wisdom has it’s source in God and can only be kept by Him.

3. Wisdom is peace.

You will have peace and act peace.

Wisdom is you choosing the way of peace, pursuing peace with all men, no matter how hard it might be.

4. Wisdom is teachable.

If you are not teachable, you can’t grow in wisdom.

Wisdom isn’t just teachable, it applies what it has been taught.

5. Wisdom is love.

Wisdom is you choosing to act the love way when all that has been thrown at you is hatred, and even hurts.

Wisdom is you choosing love when it would seem justifiable on the world standard if you chose the way of hatred.

Wisdom is loving all men with all of you! And it is in loving them that you’d choose to preach the gospel to the world.

In conclusion, Wisdom is a choice.

Choosing wisdom may be tough/ hard, but it is possible.

On this path of wisdom, we are always helped! Never alone!

God wants you on this path of wisdom, choose to stay on it, there is wisdom in it.

Written By: Adesayo Ajibade

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