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Benefits of God’s Wisdom To A Teenager

Wisdom is important for us because with wisdom, we are able to achieve more in less time.

We require wisdom in our macro and micro decisions.

Wisdom helps us to know what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

The thing with wisdom is that its absence is usually felt way more than its presence.

When you make a right decision, it doesn’t seem to feel exciting like you read your books instead of chatting, you keep yourself instead of having sex, you obey your parents instead of rebelling, those things don’t seem exciting so to say, but the fact is the reverse is painful!

Obedience to God is wisdom.

Obedience to God is always in our best interest.

To be honest, we learn to differentiate our feelings from God’s leading over time in the same manner that a child learns the Father’s voice.

Spiritual exercises are usually placed in our hearts by God.

Because on a norm, our minds are not naturally configured for discipline or spiritual growth, unless it’s inspired by God.

In conclusion, surrendering our lives to Jesus, deciding to let go of this world might seem like letting go of fun and the rest but, it’s all a lie.

Choosing to follow Christ is the best choice. The benefits are limitless.

Both here on earth and also in Heaven.

Have you made the wise decision?

Have you decided to follow Christ?

Today is a great day to do this

Written By Iremide Akinsola

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